Mayor Elorza understands that investing in our kids, from cradle to career, is essential to ensuring that they get ahead. Because of this, Providence is “All In” for the education and long-term success of our youth. The All In: Cradle to Career initiative highlights resources and opportunities for every single young person in our city, both in and out of our schools. Learn more about how we support our young people from cradle to career by exploring the programs below.

Education Programming

Year-Long, Life-Long Programs

All In: Providence Education Summit

Held in April 2017, the All In: Providence Education Summit brought together over 400 community members to build a vision for education in Providence. All In community conversations around topics including school facilities and middle school climate continue to create space for ongoing community feedback around educational initiatives in Providence.

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Eat, Play, Learn

Eat, Play, Learn is a partnership between the Mayor’s Office, Providence Healthy Communities, Providence Parks, Providence Recreation, Providence Public Schools and Providence Art, Culture + Tourism increasing access to high quality, affordable, safe, educational, creative, summer programs for students in Providence.

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School Facilities Improvements

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza has committed to investing at least $200 million dollars, up to $400 million, over the next 10 years in Providence school facilities. Through a community-driven process, the City is developing a five year capital plan for Providence schools to ensure every school is a safe, welcoming, and inspiring place to learn.

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Personalized Learning

Personalized learning combines individual and group learning strategies with technology access to help each child progress at his or her own pace. Through partnerships with Summit Schools, the Highlander Institute and New England Basecamp, as well as City investment in Chromebooks and other technology, the Providence Public School District has rolled out personalized learning in a majority of its schools.

Social and Emotional Learning

Providence is the first school district in Rhode Island to mandate that social emotional learning be embedded in its K-12 curricula. In addition to instilling the core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, smart decision-making, relationship skills in all our students, 22 of our schools have or are in the process of launching collaborations with private mental health providers who offer services at schools for families who need additional supports.

Child Nutrition Programs

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Programs are critical for food access and nutrition in Providence. In Providence schools, the average student is provided with free breakfast, lunch, and fresh fruit and vegetables in each school. In Providence elementary schools, free breakfast is provided in the classroom universally to all students. After school, dinner is served at Recreation Centers across the City. During the summer, the City serves meals at parks and recreation centers across neighborhoods to ensure children have access to healthy food in the absence of school.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The City’s Healthy Communities Office (HCO) delivers Above the Influence (ATI), a national curriculum to build youth awareness of the power of the influences around them. Current research shows that students exposed to ATI have stronger anti-drug beliefs and a predicted reduction in marijuana use. The HCO also works with the Providence Police Department to prevent underage tobacco and alcohol sales, in addition to work with Providence establishments with liquor licenses to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving.

Improved Recess Time Policy

With recent legislative changes, in part due to advocacy through the Providence Public School Department and Healthy Communities Office, all PPSD students in grades K-12 receive at least 20 minutes of Physical Education (PE) each school day. Recess, free play and after-school activities are not counted as PE class time, and PE class cannot be withheld as punishment.

Citywide Recreation Programming

There are 11 Recreation Centers located in neighborhoods across the city, open and free of charge to all Providence residents, providing Providence residents with easy access to recreational activities and educational programs. Activities are open for youth ages 5 to 14 years old. Each year our Recreation Department serves over 2000 young people through recreation events and activities.

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Policies and Programs Supporting Inclusivity

This year, the Providence Public School Board passed a number of policies in support of equity throughout the school district. These include the Transgender Student Policy, the Racial and Ethnic Equity Policy and the revised Code of Conduct. The district has created an equity workgroup to help implement these policies and continues to host the community-based Males of Color Initiative.

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Providence Parent Academy

Through free workshops and programming, the Providence Parent Academy help families gain the information and tools they need to become more engaged in their children’s educational journey.

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City Year Providence

City Year supports Providence Public Schools by providing focused supports to ensure students stay in school and on track to graduate. City Year AmeriCorps members are embedded in schools, where they add capacity to universal student support and school climate initiatives, family engagement and before-school and afterschool programs. (Participating Schools: Carl G. Lauro Elementary School, Pleasant View Elementary School, DelSesto Middle School, Gilbert Stuart Middle School, Roger Williams Middle School, Central High School).

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Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island Partnership

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island works with Providence Public Schools to facilitate student enrollment and school transition supports for refugee and unaccompanied youth. It also provides case management and, when necessary, connects students to social-emotional and legal supports within the community.

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Teach for America Partnership

The Teach for America program provides a valuable workforce pipeline for the Providence Public School District. The district is involved in selection, placement and ongoing professional support of corps members throughout their two-year commitment.

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Culturally Responsive Education

Providence has made a commitment to ensure Culturally Responsive Education is occurring in every classroom K-12. High schools currently offer an Ethnic Studies course, which was developed under the leadership of Providence students and Providence Student Union members and support from local community organizations and universities. Currently, the entire K-12 curriculum is being reviewed and revised to ensure cultural responsiveness.  Finally, PPSD has adopted the PPSD Keys for Learning developed through a Nellie Mae Grant, which prioritizes developing and maintaining a culturally responsive classroom.


Providence Talks +

Providence Talks is an early childhood initiative designed to close the 30-million word gap and ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to achieve. Through home visits, family playgroups, and professional development for early childhood providers, Providence Talks has served over 2100 children and continues to enroll new families every day.

Providence Pre- Kindergarten

Families have access to one state Pre-Kindergarten classroom at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School as well as 38 special education and/or inclusion classrooms in five schools.

Child Outreach Screenings

Child outreach offers free developmental screenings for any child between the ages of 3-5 in five developmental areas: vision, hearing, speech and language, general development and social-emotional development.  Screenings are done in all Providence State Pre-K Programs, Head Starts, Community Programs, public sites and at the screening office every day.

Head Start +

Through a partnership with Children’s Friend, a Head Start classroom serves 18 Providence children at Kizirian Elementary School. Head Start provides families with a daily comprehensive program for pre-kindergarteners, focusing on the wellbeing not only of the child, but the family as a whole.


Summer Learning Programs +

Available to K-8 Providence public school students at no-cost, these are high-quality and fun summer learning programs, at least five weeks in length, that blend academic and enrichment activities to enhance student learning all summer long. In Summer 2017, the City served 850 students and intends to double this number over the next four years.

Passport to Summer Learning +

In partnership with the Providence Community Library and Providence Public Library, every single elementary student at Providence Public Schools receives the pocket-sized Passport to Summer Learning each summer. The bilingual Passport is an easy way for parents and kids to track summer reading and to learn about sites across the city where kids can continue to stay active and engaged all summer long.

Providence PlayCorps +

PlayCorps activates neighborhood parks across the city with free play, art and creative exploration in conjunction with the free USDA summer meals program all summer long. PlayCorps is open and free of charge to all.

Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership +

This Urban Partnership strives to connect the urban community to green spaces found within the city by using city parks as outdoor classrooms and exploratory areas. With over 100 city parks in Providence, the Urban Partnership connects Providence residents and visitors to the areas that they live, work, and play through in school, afterschool, and summertime programming.

Books Are Wings Partnership +

Books Are Wings provides free books to all students at the following Providence schools: Harry Kizirian Elementary, Asa Messer Elementary School, Charles N. Fortes Elementary School, Mary E. Fogarty Elementary School,  Robert L. Bailey, IV Elementary School and Carl Lauro Elementary School.

YMCA Partnership +

The YMCA provides students an extended day that consists of high-quality, academically aligned, project-based learning. A combination of enrichment-based classes, embedded literacy intervention, and health and wellness activities provide a well-rounded program shown to increase literacy skills and improve health through positive youth development strategies. (Participating Schools: Pleasant View Elementary School, Robert L. Bailey Elementary School)

Boys and Girls Club of Providence Partnership +

The Boys and Girls Club provides comprehensive in-school, afterschool and summer programs at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School.

Inspiring Minds Partnership +

Inspiring Minds partners with the District by training community volunteers to provide in-school tutoring to elementary students and hosting a Kindergarten prep summer program.

Swearer Center Partnership +

The Swearer Center administers a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant-funded afterschool and summer program at William D’Abate Elementary School.

Mt. Hope Learning Center Partnership +

Mt. Hope Learning Center provides a 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool and summer program at Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary School.


School Culture Coordinators

Introduced in 2017, Providence Public Schools has created the role of School Culture Coordinator in each Middle School to implement restorative justice practices and bring in community partnerships, with the goal of reducing chronic absenteeism and suspension rates among students.

Turnaround Arts +

Turnaround Arts: Providence is a three-year partnership among Providence Public Schools, The Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, and Turnaround Arts: National. Implemented at Roger Williams, Gilbert Stuart, and DelSesto Middle Schools, the program leverages the arts to decrease chronic absenteeism and increase parent engagement.

Middle School Athletics

Through a partnership between the Recreation Department and Providence middle schools, 1,515 young athletes have participated in out-of-school time intramural sports in school year 2016-17, an increase of about 200 participants from the previous year. Wrestling was added to the other intramural offerings of basketball, indoor track, soccer and cross country. Seven middle schools and 49 coaches organized 52 teams to provide 651 hours of intramural sports.

Positive Action

Positive Action is a systematic educational program that reinforces the intuitive philosophy the positive actions lead to a positive self-image. The HCO, in collaboration with Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC), implemented Positive Action in 2016-17. (Participating Schools: DelSesto Middle School, Esek Hopkins Middle School, Gilbert Stuart Middle School, and Roger Williams Middle School.)

Power of Parents +

Positive Action is a systematic educational program that reinforces the intuitive philosophy the positive actions lead to a positive self-image. The HCO, in collaboration with Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC), implemented Positive Action in 2016-17. (Participating Schools: DelSesto Middle School, Esek Hopkins Middle School, Gilbert Stuart Middle School, and Roger Williams Middle School.)

Familias Unidas

This family-based intervention program implemented by the Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC) aims to reduce the risks for behavior problems, illicit drug use, alcohol use, cigarette use and unsafe sexual behavior in Hispanic youth and adolescents. It has three pilot locations: Providence Newcomer Academy, Children’s Friend Manton Center, and Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island.

Providence After School Alliance (PASA) Partnership +

The Providence Afterschool Alliance provides career awareness and exploration activities to AfterZone participants. (Participating Schools: Bishop Middle School, DelSesto Middle School, Esek Hopkins Middle School, Roger Williams Middle School, and West Broadway Middle School).

Generation Citizen Partnership +

Generation Citizen works with students on projects that support effective action civics education and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. (Participating Schools: DelSesto Middle School, Gilbert Stuart Middle School, Roger Williams Middle School, and West Broadway Middle School)

Providence ¡CityArts! Partnership +

Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth places AmeriCorps teaching artists in Providence schools to enrich student learning through the arts. The TTAP program seeks to build a positive culture for school day learning and increase habits of student engagement through creating work that sparks curiosity and innovation. (Participating Schools: DelSesto Middle School and Roger Williams Middle School).

Beat the Streets Partnership +

Beat the Streets Providence provides co-educational after-school wrestling-based development programs committed to inspiring urban youth for success in school and in life. The program introduces students into a positive after-school environment where they receive academic support, connect with strong mentors, engage in healthy, physical activity and receive incentives to attend and succeed in school. (Participating Schools: DelSesto Middle School, Esek Hopkins Middle School, Gilbert Stuart Middle School, and Nathanael Greene Middle School)


Summer Employment Opportunities +

This past summer, the City more than doubled summer job opportunities for Providence youth ages 14-24 from 500 in 2016 to 1,150 in 2017. The Office of Economic Opportunity partnered with community organizations, local businesses, higher education institutions, and internal city departments, including the Recreation Department, to design exciting work experiences. By assisting youth to explore different careers, build relationships with professionals, and earn wages over the summer months, the summer jobs program is a critical strategy to reduce income inequality in the city.

Bradford Scholarship +

This newly reinvigorated Edward Hinkling Bradford Scholarship program provides college-bound seniors and graduates with scholarships based on need, as well as extracurricular and community involvement. Funds go directly to students and are intended to defray the cost of books, technology, or transportation. Funding comes from a $1.9-million private trust that was recently reactivated under the Elorza administration.

Sprint 1Million Project +

Providence Public Schools was selected to be one of 11 districts nationwide to participate in the Sprint 1Million Project, a multi-year initiative from Sprint which will give free mobile devices and free high-speed wireless internet connectivity high school students. This year, 600 Providence high school students received free mobile devices with free wireless that can be used at home.


A program at the Providence Career and Technical School that enables high school students to earn an Associate Degree while gaining workforce skills in the Information Technology industry.

Dual Enrollment Coursework +

Dual enrollment allows students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously for their coursework. Dual enrollment courses are taught by Providence Public Schools teachers who have been approved by the cooperating college or university.

Advanced Placement Program

Twenty-six different Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered throughout Providence high schools. AP courses may allow students to earn college credit or advanced standing when they get to college.

Advanced Coursework Network +

Created by the RI Department of Education, the Advanced Coursework Network provides students with college-level educational choices so they may get a head start on postsecondary success. Providence student may participate in any course offered throughout the State of Rhode Island.

Providence Youth Centers +

Workforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston operates two youth centers to provide workforce services to in-school or out-of-school youth. The Youth Centers are operated by Comprehensive Community Action (CCAP) at the Providence Place Mall, the Providence Public Library 150 Empire Street and in Cranston at 656 Park Ave. Center staff work closely with youth to assess their needs and offer a variety of services including academic services, résumé writing, assistance on employment applications, mock interviews, financial literacy, vocational training, paid work experiences, and referrals to additional services.

Newcomer Academy

Launched in Spring 2016, the Providence Public Schools Newcomer Academy is a specialized school environment for the student who are newly arrived to the United States and who have had interrupted formal education. The academy provides individualized attention and is working closely with Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island for translation services, case management and other forms of wraparound support.

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Council

In 2017, the Healthy Communities Office initiated a Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Council comprised of Providence high school students seeking to impact the substance use attitudes and behaviors of their peers.

Roger Williams University Gateway to College Program

Roger Williams University Gateway to College program is a college-based dual credit program that allows eligible students to earn a high school diploma and substantial college credit. The program serves students that are currently enrolled in school and are off-track to graduate, as well as students ages 18-24 who have already dropped out of high school.

Brown University Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence Scholarships +

This fund provides college scholarships for Providence public high school graduates, intended to encourage academic achievement and access to postsecondary education. Applications are administered annually for scholarships to any 2- or 4- year accredited college or university.

Young Leaders Fellowship

The Young Leaders Fellowship provides ongoing social-emotional support to all students at Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School by facilitating peer mediation, home visits and suspension intervention.

Upward Bound Partnership +

Upward Bound, implemented through Rhode Island College, provides rigorous academic and student development curricula during the academic year and six-week summer residential component to select students. (Participating Schools: Central High School, Hope High School, and Mt. Pleasant High School)

Swearer Center Partnership +

The Swearer Center administers the College Advising Corps, placing Brown University (CAC) college advisers in PPSD schools. (Participating Schools: Central High School, E-Cubed Academy, Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School, Hope High School, Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex, Mt. Pleasant High School, Providence Career and Technical Academy)

College Crusade Partnership +

The College Crusade works to increase educational and career success for Rhode Island’s families in low-income communities by providing critical personalized learning support, leadership development, career awareness, college readiness, and academic support and scholarship incentives to our students. (Participating Schools: 360 High School, Alvarez High School, Central High School, Classical High School, E-Cubed Academy, Evolutions High School, Hope High School, JSEC Mt. Pleasant High School and Providence Career and Technical Academy).

College Visions Partnership +

The College Visions program provides free out-of-school programming, beginning the summer before senior year of high school. Once admitted into college, students continue to receive support and one-on-one advising throughout their college access until graduation.

Providence After School Alliance (PASA) Partnership +

The Providence Afterschool Alliance provides career awareness and exploration activities to high school students through the Hub and Advanced Course Network classes. (Participating Schools: Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex)

New Urban Arts Partnership +

This new, comprehensive 21st Century Community Learning Center in-school, after-school and summer programming gives students have free access to afterschool and summer arts enrichment programs. (Participating Schools: Central High School and Classical High School

DownCity Design Partnership +

DownCity Design, in collaboration with the leadership and school faculty at Providence Career and Technical Academy, has developed a series of after-school design programs to allow students to explore career pathways, improve academic achievement, and learn valuable workforce skills. (Participating Schools: Providence Career and Technical Academy)

Generation Citizen Partnership +

Generation Citizen works with students on projects that support effective action civics education and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. (Participating Schools: 360 High School, Central High School, E-Cubed Academy, Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School, Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex, and Mt. Pleasant High School).

Boys and Girls Club of Providence Partnership +

The Boys and Girls Club provides comprehensive in-school, after-school and summer program. (Participating School: Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School)

STEAM BOX RI Partnership +

In STEAM Box classes, students develop new design skills and concepts through hands-on work time and one-on-one guidance. (Participating Schools: Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School)

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