All In:  Our School Facilities

Every child deserves an opportunity to learn in an environment that inspires them.

In Providence, we know that every dollar invested in our schools and our students is a direct investment in the future of our city. That is why, when presented with the opportunity to craft Mayor Elorza’s first School Capital Plan submission, we asked the Providence Public School District (PPSD) community first.

With a focus on the long-term success of our school community and centered in feedback from students, parents, educators and community members, we launched a year-long robust school facilities planning project led by experts at StudioJAED in late 2017. This “All In: Our Learning Spaces” initiative included four phases where stakeholders were invited to participate in workshops, community feedback sessions, final visioning sessions and master planning sessions.

In 2019, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) approved our ambitious five-year School Capital Plan for $278 million in improvements to support learning environments that are more than safe, warm and dry because our students deserve to learn in the best environment we can provide for them. Our plan to address school facilities included the largest dollar amount approved by the State for a district in history.

By working collaboratively with PPSD and RIDE, we will see an additional $21.6 million for school capital improvements for a total of $300 million invested directly in our schools.

Over $20 million in work was contracted for our schools through FY20 to ensure that our buildings support our learning spaces. These projects wrap up the 2015 School Capital Plan and kick off the 2020 School Capital Plan.

Mayor Elorza knows that our students deserve access to high-quality educational experiences and has prioritized these investments since day one. In order to create these supportive learning environments that are conducive to a 21st century-education, Mayor Elorza made a commitment of investing up to $400 million over 10 years in improvements to school facilities after decades of neglect. Achieving this commitment starts with the $300 million already committed our facilities.

Explore projects recently completed and currently underway and keep an eye out for the rest of the five-year plan here in our interactive map. In addition to these improvements, the City of Providence works year round on regular Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and Locksmith Services and Grounds Maintenance to ensure that our schools are welcoming to all students.


We need all hands on deck to ensure our school facilities are safe, clean, and dry for the students that use them every day. Any student, staff, parent, or community partner who identifies a building issue can report it to the school’s main office by completing a written form outlining the concern.  Please be sure to include your name and email address so that follow-up can be provided by staff after the report enters our electronic work order system.  Once entered, you will receive an email confirming receipt and subsequent emails will be sent as the work order is processed and completed. Facility concerns can also be submitted 24/7 via PVD311 on the website  or by downloading the app for smartphones on iTunes or Google Play.