We are All In Our School Facilities

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, the Providence School District, Providence School Board and the City of Providence departments are proud to partner on the All In: Our School Facilities Community Cleanup, an opportunity for our city to come together and help prepare our schools before our students return for their first day on September 3rd. These opportunities also serve as one of the first steps through which the City aims to engage community members in the transformation of our education system in Providence.

Mayor Elorza has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the success of our students and has urged a need for substantial change in the City’s school system. As a community that cares, Providence is moving forward as one voice to seek the meaningful and impactful change our student deserve. The All In: Our School Facilities volunteer opportunities will continue throughout the school year, so community members and members of the Providence Public Schools can continue being a part of the positive changes we’re creating.

Our first few events are:

Friday, August 23


  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, 35 Camp St
  • Young Woods Elementary School, 674 Prairie Ave


Saturday, August 24

8am – 4pm

  • Anthony Carnevale Elementary School, 50 Springfield St
  • Quad of Classical High School, Central High School + Providence Career and Technical Academy, 70 Fricker St

Rain date

Sunday, August 25

8am – 4 pm